Chairman’s Message

Kieran Fleck, Chairman

Kieran Fleck, Chairman

I am delighted to welcome you to the website of the National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH).

The New National Rehabilitation Hospital – Phase One

The Board of the NRH are pleased to announce that all patients have now moved into ‘Phase One’ of our long awaited new hospital development. This development is a momentous achievement for the Hospital and has been finally delivered through the dedication and hard work of the Board, Management, Staff and Volunteers.

The hospital design is patient-centred and guided by the principles of  patient empowerment, dignity, privacy and choice. This new hospital is also designed to comply with best international practice encompassing infection prevention and control guidelines. This is especially important in current times and provides a safer environment for all our patients and staff.

We look forward to welcoming  patients to this new world class rehabilitation facility where our dedicated staff will deliver the rehabilitation services which they require.

NRH Website

The website aims to deliver a helpful guide describing this national service, first established in 1961, and explain the wide range of treatment now being provided. It also provides information about the ongoing development of the New Hospital on the NRH Campus.

As a person-centred service, the NRH website offers an insight into the day to day operation of the Hospital, explaining its facilities and how, and by whom, our services are provided.

By clicking on the links you will find out how the hospital is governed and organised.  You may also explore the many ways you can assist, financially or otherwise, and learn about the important work being carried out in the NRH.

The website includes details of ongoing research at the NRH to continually develop specialist rehabilitation services as an essential component of the healthcare continuum in Ireland.

The NRH was conferred with university teaching hospital status in 2019. This is a prestigious status for the NRH, from an educational, research and clinical perspective. The hospital now proudly incorporates the word ‘university’ into its new logo.

Help us to continue to improve the quality of our services and patient care by forwarding your comments and suggestions via this link ‘Have Your Say’.

Thank you for visiting the NRH website.
Kieran Fleck

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