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For Patients, Families, Friends and Carers

Rehabilitation is the process by which a range of rehabilitation specialists will work together with you and your family to help you adjust to your injury and learn the new skills needed to help you to achieve your highest possible level of independence.

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Rehabilitation is an educational and therapeutic process through which you will learn and develop skills designed to:

  • Help you achieve your personal rehabilitation goals
  • Reach your safest level of independence
  • Help you to participate meaningfully in your community.

You and your family members are central to the rehabilitation process. Together with the team, you will make informed decisions about your personalised rehabilitation / treatment plan, follow-up care, home modifications and other individual needs.

Persons admitted to the Inpatient Service at NRH for a full schedule of rehabilitation treatment and education are admitted under our programme known as the: ‘Comprehensive Integrated Inpatient Rehabilitation Programme‘ also known as CIIRP.

Patients can also be admitted to the Inpatient Service for a short assessment or review period.

In addition, assessments, reviews and rehabilitation treatment programmes may also be offered through our Outpatient Service as appropriate.

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The Rehabilitation Process – The NRH will help you achieve your personal rehabilitation goals.

Patient Information Booklet

Guidelines in this booklet aim to let you know what you can expect from the NRH, and ways you can help us to ensure you get the most from your rehabilitation programme.

Download the Patient Information Booklet via this link

Life Beyond the NRH

Support services that may be useful after discharge from your Rehabilitation Programme.

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