Rehabilitation Programmes and Services

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Rehabilitation Programmes and Services

At the National Rehabilitation Hospital, our system of delivering rehabilitation treatment and care is organised around Rehabilitation Programmes and Teams.

Our patients are given every opportunity to meet their rehabilitation goals through personalised treatment plans delivered by our Consultant-led Rehabilitation Teams.

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Our Programmes are designed to meet the individual needs of adult and paediatric patients.

NRH Rehabilitation Teams

Rehabilitation Teams are made up of a range of Clinical and Therapy Specialists at NRH. Together with your Team you will develop your rehabilitation goals and then work towards achieving your agreed set of goals during your stay at NRH.

You and your family members/carers are central to the rehabilitation process. With your Team, you will make informed decisions about inpatient and outpatient services, follow-up care, home modifications and other individual needs.

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Specialist Rehabilitation delivered through comprehensive Inpatient and Outpatient services

How are patients referred?

The NRH accepts referrals from medical consultants, physicians and GPs for adult and paediatric patients requiring complex specialist rehabilitation services.

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General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

The NRH, its employees, students, contractors and volunteers follow GDPR Regulations as described in our Privacy Policy.
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