Occupational Health

Occupational Health

Contact Information Tel: 01 235 5424  or  01 235 5425
How to find us Admin Unit 5
Description of Service

The Occupational Health Service at the NRH provides:

    • Confidential advice on occupational health issues
    • Stress management, (education, debriefing and work related stress advice)
    • Work related injuries follow-up
    • Vaccinations include:
      • Hepatitis B
      • Mantoux
      • MMR
      • Varicella
      • BCG
      • Flu vaccine (in 2009 the Swine Flu Vaccine was made available to all patients and staff in addition to the season Flu Vaccine)
    • Bloods tests
    • Pre employment health screen
    • Reviews and follow-up
    • Pregnancy risk assessment
    • Health Surveillance
    • Referrals to an independent occupational health consultancy
    • Occupational First Aid
    • Smoking cessation programmes.

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Other Services available through Occupational Health include:

    • Sharps Injury Awareness and follow-up
    • Health Promotion Events
    • Contact Support Person and Facilitator for ‘Dignity in the Workplace’ Programme
    • Back to Work Assessments
    • DXA Bone Density Programme
    • Staff Physiotherapy for work related issues

Occupational Health offers core support to all NRH staff through a wide variety of proactive and responsive strategies.

The Occupational Health nurse is part of the Positive Work Environment Group (PWEG) which continues to build on its solid foundations to promote positive behaviour and support for all stakeholders of the NRH throughout all levels of the organisation.

An NRH Staff Wellbeing Framework has been developed with members of the PWEG group.

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