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All inpatients attending the NRH can access dietetic services by referral through their healthcare team or at their own request. The dietitian is also responsible for staff education on nutritional matters.

Dietetic intervention focuses on ensuring that patients are well nourished in the initial rehabilitation phase. The aim of nutrition in rehabilitation is to optimise the nutritional status of patients to ensure that they can derive the maximum benefit from their rehabilitation programme.

As recovery progresses, the focus shifts to address issues with long term health.

Useful Resources for Healthcare Professionals 

Weight Management

Being overweight or obese is an important health concern that needs to be addressed in a sensitive way.  For more information on how to raise the issue of weight gain in adults, click on this link: INDI Raising the Issue of Weight with Adults

The HSE-ICGP Multidisciplinary Working Group have produced the following Weight Management Treatment Algorithm for Adults – click on this link:  Weight Management Treatment Algorithm – HSE-ICGP

Additional resources for Healthcare Professionals may also be found on the ICGP Website – click on this link: ICGP Weight Management Treatment for Adults

Oral Nutritional Supplement

An INDI guide to the use of Oral Nutritional Supplements in the treatment of unwanted weight loss is available – click on this link:  Simple Guide to Oral Nutrutional Supplements

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Patient Information

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Healthy eating is important for your overall health and wellbeing – your body, mind and lifestyle.  All inpatients attending the NRH can access dietetic services by referral through the rehabilitation team or at your own request.

The Dietitian on your Rehabilitation Team will work with you to manage your nutrition, depending on your clinical needs.  The aim is to ensure that you are well nourished, which will help you to get the most from your rehabilitation programme. As your recovery progresses, the focus will move to issues with nutrition and your longer-term health.

The Dietitian will:

  • Assess your nutrition – this includes assessing how the food and drinks you take are providing you with the nourishment you need to get the most from your rehabilitation programme.
  • Help you manage your dietary needs.
  • Promote healthy eating habits and provide education on how to stay healthy.
  • Provide an individual assessment and diet plan to suit your needs.

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Useful Links to Information on Diet and Health

The Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute (INDI) have a range of Fact Sheets on:

Safe Food provides information on a variety of topics including healthy eating, recipes, food and diet – click on this link: Safe Food

The Irish Heart Foundation provides information on how the food choices you make can help protect you against Heart Disease and Stroke – click on this link: Irish Heart Foundation Health Eating

Diabetes Ireland provides information and support on a range of topics to those affected by Diabetes – click on this link: Diabetes Ireland


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