Psychology and Clinical Neuropsychology Services

Contact Information Tel: 01 235 5201
How to find us NRH Cedars Building: Level 1
Description of Service

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Psychology personnel at the NRH aim to provide the best clinical services for patients, families, carers and agencies across the continuum of care. This can span from before and during admission and then onto the Outpatient service.

Psychological services are comprised of a suite of clinical services under the rubric of assessment, intervention, research and education. Our aim is to ensure that our clinical work is responsive to innovations and developments in theory and research, clinical practice, priorities within the health system and changes in legislation.

Psychological expertise and support is provided to patients across the core clinical programmes:

  • Brain Injury and Stroke Specialty Programmes including Prolonged Disorders of Consciousness (PDOC)
  • Spinal Cord System of Care
  • Prosthetic Orthotic and Limb Absence Rehabilitation (POLAR) Programme including Day Patients
  • Paediatric Family Centred Rehabilitation

For the psychologists at the NRH, we are evidence-driven practitioners balancing the competing demands and changes in clinical practice and the health care system, within and external to the NRH. In our clinical practice our aim is to lead and educate with a focus on prevention and timely and meaningful support for patients, families and carers, and rehabilitation teams.

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Patient Information

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If a Psychologist is involved in your care, this may involve:

    • Working with you to assess how your injury or condition may have affected your attention, memory, thinking skills, insight, mood and behaviour.
    • Assessing your mood and ways of coping, and providing therapy to support emotional well-being during your admission period.
    • Undertaking assessments and treatment to assist you to benefit from your Rehabilitation Programme
    • Learning how changes in behaviour and personality may affect your adjustment following your injury or illness.
    • Discussing the psychological support you may need after you have completed your Inpatient programme – this may include support for you, and your family or carers.  This may also inlclude attending the Outpatient service at the NRH.

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