NRH Statement of Purpose

Download the NRH Statement of Purpose.  The document includes the following:

  • Our Aim
  • Our Objectives
  • Our Ethos
  • Capacity of the hospital
  • NRH Facilities and Layout
  • Facilities for Day Programme Patients
  • Fire Safety
  • Governance and Management
  • Organisational Structure
  • Executive Management
  • Team Staff and Training
  • Human Resources Staffing Complement
  • Clinical Care Programme Structure
  • Referral to the NRH
  • Admission Criteria
  • Admission Criteria for Inpatient Adult Programmes
  • Admission Criteria for Inpatient Paediatric Programmes
  • Access to Therapeutic Recreational Activities
  • Access to Education, Training and Employment
  • Individualised Care Plan
  • Access to Therapeutic Interventions
  • Communication
  • Respecting Privacy and Dignity
  • Access to Religious Services of Choice
  • Visiting Times
  • Service User Engagement
  • Comments and Suggestions
  • Complaints
  • List of key policies that inform practice in the NRH
  • Appendices: 1. NRH Board and Committees Chart and  2. NRH Organisational Chart
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