Clinical Engineer

Clinical Engineer

Contact Information Tel: 01 235 5294
How to find us Pottery Road Entrance, follow signs for Technical Services
Description of Service

The role of the Senior Clinical Engineering Technician is to support the hospital’s mission “to deliver exceptional patient care in a manner that is equitable and transparent in its service delivery, sensitive and responsive to those availing of its service, and supportive of the staff entrusted with its delivery.’

To provide early warning of the need for replacement of, safety and user advice on hazard avoidance, assist with the provision of maintenance services for all electromedical equipment and other hospital technologies, in respect of its functional, electronic, electrical and mechanical aspects to a standard of safety, accuracy and reliability consistent with its function/purpose and in accordance with professional and safety standards.

To work in the provision, management, administration and development of working practices, a comprehensive Clinical Engineering service, new ideas and methods, policies, protocols and procedures throughout the hospital, and in the development, supervision and contribution to the scientific and technical support of the equipment used in the Hospital

To contribute significantly to the establishment, development, management, maintenance, and ongoing support of the Clinical Engineering Department, Computerised Equipment Management System for the hospital ensuring a holistic system.

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