Disabled Drivers Medical Board of Appeal

Disabled Drivers Medical Board of Appeal

Contact Information Tel: 01 235 5279
How to find us Outpatients Unit 6, rear of Cedars Building
Description of Service

The Disabled Drivers Medical Board of Appeal (DDMBA) is a statutory independent body set up by the Department of Finance in 1990 to review individuals whose application for the Primary Medical Certificate is unsuccessful at local HSE level.

The DDMBA operates independently of the assessment process carried out by local HSE Community Medical Officers. The legal basis for its operation is the Disabled Drivers and Passengers’ (Tax Concession) Regulations 1994, most recently amended in 2004, and a succession of Finance Bills. Board members are appointed by the Minister of Finance from a body of interested registered medical practitioners, on the recommendation of the Minister of Health.

The DDMBA is a ‘reviewable body’ in accordance with the provisions of the Ombudsman (amendment) Act 2012.


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