Frequently Asked Questions

What is the National Rehabilitation Hospital?

The National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH) provides comprehensive inpatient, outpatient and day-patient services to people who have acquired a physical or cognitive disability as a result of an accident, illness or Injury and require specialist medical rehabilitation.

Our aim is to enable you to return to the highest level of independence possible and maximise the quality of your life.

Rehabilitation Programmes are delivered by Consultant led Interdisciplinary Teams at the NRH. Treatments are tailored to meet the individual needs of adult and paediatric patients in the following areas of specialty:

  •  Brain Injury (including traumatic and non-traumatic brain injury and other neurological conditions)
  • Stroke Specialty
  • Spinal Cord System of Care (including traumatic and non-traumatic spinal cord injury)
  • Prosthetic, Orthotic and Limb Absence Rehabilitation (POLAR)
  • Paediatric-Family Centred Rehabilitation
What makes the NRH different from an acute or regular hospital?

A regular hospital treats a one-time illness or injury, usually on a short-term basis. The main focus of these hospitals is to meet medical needs and to quickly return patients home.  The National Rehabilitation Hospital delivers specialist rehabilitation services and education dedicated to returning patients to the highest level of independence possible and aims to maximise the quality of their lives.

How long before I can get in?

Often this can be a difficult question to answer. Your admission depends on a number of factors including your diagnosis, your readiness to undertake rehabilitation and the availability of an appropriate bed in the service you require. At times there can be significant waiting lists.

How long will I stay there?

A Consultant or Liaison Nurse from the NRH may be able to give a broad indication of your length of stay. However on admission to the NRH, you and your team will participate in the assessment process and we will do our best to answer this question as accurately as possible. Usually you will be given your discharge date not later than two weeks after your admission.

Will I get better?

The goal of rehabilitation at the NRH is to make you as independent as possible. It may be that life into the future is different for you and your family but the expertise of the staff in the NRH will assist you and your family in adjusting to that changed future.  Your interdisciplinary team at the NRH will work with you to help make the most of all opportunities for you to achieve health and social gain through effective treatment and education.

What will I do in the NRH?

The day in the NRH is usually structured between spending some therapy time on the unit and attending some other therapies off the unit. You will receive a weekly therapy schedule. Daily routines can begin early and most therapies usually finish around 5.00pm.

Visiting times are:
Monday to Friday
Weekends & Bank Holidays
What facilities are in the NRH?

The NRH has integrated treatment areas on each unit, it has treatment gyms and areas where you can practice activities of daily living, a hydrotherapy pool, sports and exercise therapy department, patient dining and recreation areas and library, wireless internet facilities, and a Cafe. Our Therapeutic Recreation Service and Volunteers come into the hospital, primarily in the evenings to arrange activities for patients on an ongoing basis.

Is there an NRH Private?

No, the NRH is a fully publicly funded, voluntary hospital and operates on the ethos of providing high quality care and treatment to patients irrespective of background or status, but on the basis of clinical need.

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