Healthcare Assistant (HCA) in Rehabilitation

Healthcare Assistant (HCA)

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Health Care Assistant in Rehabilitation
Health Care Assistants (HCAs) in Rehabilitation work as an active member of the Interdisciplinary Team (IDT), providing support and assistance to patients throughout their rehabilitation programme. As part of the team, HCAs in Rehabilitation respond to patient needs and provide quality care. HCAs contribute to delivering care plans, supporting patients’ independence with activities of daily living, monitoring progress, recording and communicating information as part of the team.

The Health Care Assistant in Rehabilitation roles are linked to the following areas of patient-centred care:

Communication – establishing a rapport with patients and encouraging engagement in set activities to maximise their involvement in the rehabilitation programme. Communicating with patients may include the use of verbal and nonverbal communication tools for patients with physical and psychological conditions, such as aphasia.

Respiratory Care – reporting any distress or change in patients breathing pattern to nursing and therapy staff immediately.

Assistance at mealtimes – assisting patients who may need help with eating and drinking.

Mobilising – encouraging and helping patients to maintain or regain their independence. Following the appropriate training, HCAs may assist patients using hoists, transfer aids, wheelchairs, and may also assist patients with exercise regimes and walking practice.

Ensuring Patient Safety – assisting mobile, but disorientated, patients to find their way safely around the Hospital.

Maintaining a Safe and Clean Environment – for example, cleaning equipment and making and changing beds.

Collaboration in other programme activities – as a key member of the team, HCAs may be required to undertake some activities that are indirectly related to patient care.

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Patient Information

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The Healthcare Assistant (HCA) in Rehabilitation provides care, support and general assistance to you during your stay.

The HCA assists and encourages you to participate in set activities to help you get the most from your rehabilitation programme. They assist with communication as needed – this may include the use of verbal and nonverbal communication tools for certain conditions, such as aphasia.

The HCA assists you in doing certain daily tasks as you progress through your rehabilitation such as showering, toileting and dressing (in line with the hospital’s intimate care policy).

The HCA assists you if you need help with eating and drinking, and may be involved in assisting you with practicing activities of daily living (ADL), exercise or walking practice, or finding your way safely around the hospital.

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