Clinical Director at the NRH

Clinical Director Role at the NRH

Clinical directorships, in a joint initiative between the HSE and the RCPI, have been developed to ensure that a senior medical clinician contributes to day to day hospital management at the highest level. The NRH have adopted the Clinical Director structure and the first NRH Clinical Director appointment was made in August 2015.

Clinical Directors are tasked with delivering a synthesis of clinical and managerial roles. One of the Clinical Director’s initial responsibilities includes engaging in managerial training which adds to the clinician’s existing skill set. The continuing Clinical Director education programme is delivered through the RCPI.  Additional Clinical Director training was undertaken at the King’s Fund centre in London.

In addition, the Clinical Director works with the National Clinical Lead in Rehabilitation Medicine to make the case for increased rehabilitation services.  This includes increased bed capacity on a national basis to bring the volume of rehabilitation services in Ireland somewhat closer to international norms.

Clinical Directorship at the NRH

Since the appointment of the first Clinical Director at the NRH, the Board of Management receives monthly reports on the contribution of this leadership role within the NRH.  In addition to strategic matters, the Clinical Director manages all medical resources and plans how services are delivered across Clinical Programmes, as well as retaining some clinical duties. The Board is very appreciative of the vital work being undertaken by Dr Jacinta Morgan in this role.

Kieran Fleck, Chairman

Fostering the wellbeing of patients and supporting staff are paramount responsibilities within the Quality Safety and Risk (QSR) committee at the NRH, chaired by the Clinical Director.  QSR continues to develop robust governance and reporting structures for quality and safety matters in the NRH which address clinical and operational activities.

Developing and reviewing data on clinical and operational matters enables the NRH to more effectively analyse current clinical activity.  As a result, the QSR make recommendations to the hospital Executive Committee targeted to improve quality and safety and manage risk in the best interests of patients and staff.

The Clinical Director works closely with the NRH medical consultants to maintain and improve clinical services. Each Medical Director and Programme Manager of the four CARF accredited Clinical Programmes at the NRH meets with the Clinical Director to review and develop patient services.


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