Information Management and Technology (IM&T)

Information Management and Technology (IM&T)

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The Information Management and Technology (IM&T) department is responsible for the management of all Information Technology (IT) service delivery, data management and security, business intelligence, IT Strategy and IT project delivery across the NRH.

The IM&T Department is responsible for the provision, management and maintenance of information and communications technology services and resources to support the business objectives of the NRH, including:

  • Provision and maintenance of computers, printers and associated software and consumables.
  • End user support for all issues relating to the use of IM&T resources.
  • Security, maintenance and administration of backend systems providing email, Internet, file sharing, print and applications.
  • Management and maintenance of telephone systems.

The IM&T Department Also

  • Provides advice and input for any hospital projects with an IM&T element.
  • Develops and implements IM&T policies and procedures.
  • Maintains vendor relations and manages contracts relating to the IM&T infrastructure.
  • Continually investigates and accesses new developments in IM&T which may benefit the organisation.

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