Sexual Health Service

The patient, with or without their partner, is the focus of the Sexual Health Service. Support and counselling are provided in relation to the impact of the illness or disability on their sexuality, relationship, sexual function and fertility issues.  The Sexual Health Service is available to all Inpatients and Outpatients of the hospital. The Spinal Cord System of Care Programme continues to refer the majority of users of the service, however work is ongoing with the Brain Injury Programme, and the Prosthetic, Orthotic and Limb Absence Rehabilitation (POLAR) Programme for increased service provision to these Programmes.

Creating awareness of issues around Sexuality and Disability continues to be the driving force to providing education to healthcare professionals.  Multidisciplinary Workshops on Sexuality and Disability are held within the hospital, as well as providing education to the NCHDs, and lectures to the Rehabilitation Course held between the Mater Hospital and the NRH.
The Sexual Health Service is led by Clinical Nurse Specialist Pauline Sheils. The NRH has invested time and resources to provide excellent clinical care for our patients in the area of sexuality, including enhanced programming.

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