Music Therapy

What is Music Therapy?

Music Therapy Treatment Session

Music Therapy Treatment Session

Music Therapy is a ground breaking service which uses music in the rehabilitation of children who have experienced trauma through illness or injury. Video Clip.

Music therapy is an evidence based profession; a growing body of research demonstrates the benefits and importance of music therapy as part of rehabilitation treatment programmes.  Music therapy is the planned and intentional use of music based methods to meet individuals’ emotional, social, physical, psychological, behavioural and communication needs.

The Music Therapist works closely with other professionals within the interdisciplinary Paediatric Team using music based methods to facilitate the children to achieve their rehabilitation goals.

Music therapy is available as a core therapy in many international rehabilitation units and is an established part of interdisciplinary treatment within health, education and social care settings.

What does the patient gain?

Music therapy assessment and treatment contributes towards the individual optimising their overall rehabilitation programme.  The Music Therapist works closely with the other team members focussing on:

  • providing an alternative, non-language based form of self-expression
  • exploring mood and emotional responses to acquired disability using a non-verbal medium
  • developing interaction and social communication skills
  • drawing on the individual’s residual and learned abilities and skills, facilitating the individual to focus on self-concepts
  • developing increased self awareness and a positive sense of self
  • achieving optimum potential for integration into a less specialised environment
  • working with all members of the interdisciplinary team providing opportunities for individuals to apply their developing functional abilities such as communication and movement in a more creative form

The innovative development of a music therapy service within the National Rehabilitation Hospital further enhances the service provided to young people requiring complex specialised medical rehabilitation in Ireland.


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