Who Delivers Your Rehabilitation Programme

Who Delivers Your Rehabilitation Programme

At the National Rehabilitation Hospital, our system of care is organised around Rehabilitation Programmes and Interdisciplinary Teams.

Rehabilitation Programmes

Rehabilitation Programmes

Consultant led Rehabilitation Programmes at NRH are tailored to meet the individual needs of adult and paediatric patients.

A ‘Programme‘ is defined by CARF as ‘A system of activities performed for the benefit of patients.‘

NRH Rehabilitation Teams

Your Rehabilitation Team – also called your Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) – is made up of a range of specialists who will work together with you to help you achieve your agreed rehabilitation goals. Together with the Team you will develop your rehabilitation goals, then you will work towards your set of agreed goals. This will mean participation in treatment activities and education sessions. You and your family members are central to the rehabilitation process.

Your Rehabilitation Team may include the following people:

Our Nursing staff provide constant care and encouragement.

Our Interdisciplinary Teams provide quality care and encouragement.

Medical Directors  –  Admitting Consultants  –  Programme Managers

NRH Programme Medical Director Admitting Consultants Programme Manager
Brain Injury Programme Dr Jacinta Morgan Dr Jacinta McElligott
Dr Jacinta Morgan
Dr Paul Carroll  Dr Jacqui Stow
Dr Eugene Wallace
Dr Valerie Twomey
Tel: ext 5144
CIIRP Programme (Comprehensive Integrated Inpatient Rehabilitation Programme) Dr Jacinta McElligott Dr Susan Finn
Dr Jacinta McElligott
Dr Jacinta Morgan
Dr Nicola Ryall
Eugene Roe
Tel: ext 5147
Spinal Cord System of Care Dr Éimear Smith Dr Éimear Smith
Dr Cara McDonagh
Eugene Roe
Tel: ext 5147
POLAR Programme (Prosthetic, Orthotic & Limb Absence Rehabilitation) Dr Nicola Ryall Dr Nicola Ryall
Dr Jacqui Stow
Aoife Langton
Tel: ext 5146
Paediatric Family-Centred Programme Dr Susan Finn Dr Blathnaid McCoy
Dr Nicola Ryall
Dr Éimear Smith
Ghyslaine Brophy
Tel: ext 5148

In addition to the Clinical & Therapy Services provided at NRH, our Departments and Support Services are central to the effective delivery of the Rehabilitation Programmes provided to our patients and their families.

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