Dental Service at the NRH

The Dental Unit at the National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH) provides a dental service for Inpatients

of the hospital, and also for Outpatients with special needs from the Dún Laoghaire area. The dental unit mainly offers a primary care dental service.  

Dental assessments are offered to all new Inpatients at the NRH, and treatment is provided as required and where appropriate.  Onward referrals of patients being discharged from the hospital are organised to other regions of the country’s public dental service as required.

Dental treatment for Inpatients is mostly limited to treatment that can be provided within the time available while patients are admitted to the NRH.  In 2015 Inpatient and Outpatient referrals remained consistent with previous years. Outpatients were treated from some community residential units and local nursing homes.

Each year, students from the Dental Hospital are facilitated through observation of the Dental Service provided at NRH as part of their training.

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