Learn more about the Rehabilitation Process

What Will Happen During My Rehabilitation?

Initial Team Assessment

  • Your interdisciplinary team assessment begins on the day you are admitted to the hospital.
  • Team members will review your assessment results with you and help you to identify realistic goals for your rehabilitation programme.
  • Based on this assessment and your goals, focus areas are identified so treatment can begin immediately.

Treatment Planning Conference

  • Your team will develop an individualised Treatment Plan containing your goals.
  • An estimate of the time needed to complete your treatment plan is made – this is your estimated discharge date.
  • Any specific needs relating to your discharge will be identified.
  • The outcome of this conference will be discussed with you to make sure you agree with the planned goals.

Team Conferences

Treatment team conference.

  • Your Treatment Plan is reviewed and updated to monitor progress towards achieving your goals.
  • Your treatment team will keep you and your family updated on progress and changes in goals.

Family Conferences

  • Every patient is offered the opportunity to invite their family to meet with select team members to discuss progress, goals and the discharge plan.
  • This provides an opportunity for you and your family to receive feedback and to have any concerns or questions addressed by the team.

Treatment Day

  • Your therapy day may start as early as 8.00 am and continue until early evening, from Monday to Friday.
  • Weekends allow time for you to practice your skills with the support of family and nursing staff.

Patient and Family Education Programme

  • Education sessions are provided to teach you and your family essential information about your care.
  • Education may be given individually or in a group.
  • Your team will tell you of the education sessions available

Education as part of your Rehabilitation Programme

Education is a core part of the rehabilitation process. The Rehabilitation Team will work together with you and your family to help you learn about and adjust to your injury; and to re-learn or learn new everyday living skills so you can achieve the safest possible level of independence.

Each Programme includes a wide range of educational topics. Your team will discuss with you which of these topics should be included as part of your programme, according to your individual needs.

In addition to the education offered as part of your programme, information days designed for patients to attend with their family members or carers are arranged from time to time in conjunction with the External Support or Advocacy agencies based on-site.  Your team members will advise you of the details if any of these events are due to take place during your stay at NRH.

Information days designed specifically for family, friends and carers are held on numerous dates throughout the year.  These events are advertised in the hospital and the rehabilitation teams will advise patients also so they can let their families, friends and carers know about them.

Some of the general educational topics that may be included in your Programme are:

  • Introduction to rehabilitation
  • How to get the most out of rehabilitation
  • Medical factors and prevention of complications
  • Practical aspects of adjusting to your injury
  • Maintaining your general health
  • Managing your mood / managing stress
  • Peer support
  • Returning home
  • Transition back to the community

In addition to the above, the educational aspect of your programme will include issues that are relevant and specific to either Brain Injury; Spinal Cord Injury; Prosthetics and Limb Absence, or Paediatric issues.



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