Rehabilitation Teams

Working together in Physiotherapy at NRH

Working together in Physiotherapy at NRH

During your rehabilitation you will:

  • Participate in treatment activities and education sessions.
  • Develop your rehabilitation goals with the team.

Your Team may include the following people

Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine

  • The Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine is responsible for the overall treatment and coordination of your medical care while you are at the NRH
  • Medical Registrars support the Medical Rehabilitation Consultants and with Senior House Doctors will provide your day to day medical care during your stay.
  • Your Consultant may refer you to other Specialist Consultants, for example: Orthopaedics, Urology, Plastic Surgery, Radiology, or Psychiatry.
  • Your medical team will liaise with your GP and referring Consultant  regarding your care

Liaison Service

  • The Liaison coordinators provide a link between the hospital, home, and your health care professionals.
  • They act as your advocate and liaise with hospitals to assess and evaluate your readiness and suitability for admission to a Rehabilitation Programme at NRH and continue to link with you post discharge from NRH.

Rehabilitation Nurse

  • Nursing staff provide care, support and encouragement throughout your stay and provide an important communication link with other members of the team
  • Helps you practice what you are learning in therapies and teach you and your family how to handle your personal care
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist in Sexuality is available to provide counselling to you and relevant others on the impact of your injury on sexuality.

Health Care Assistant

  • The Health Care Assistant helps provide care and general assistance to you during your stay
  • Assists you in doing certain daily tasks as you progress through your rehabilitation such as dressing, toileting, showering and feeding

Medical Social Worker

  • Gives emotional support to you and your family
  • Gives you and your family information you may need in the future about community agencies
  • Helps you solve personal problems that may come up and assists you with discharge planning


You will work regularly with you Physiotherapist

Therapy services are scheduled weekly for each patient

  • Helps you strengthen your muscles and use them to do daily activities
  • Helps you learn breathing exercises that help you build your stamina and strength
  • Sports and fitness, gym, and hydrotherapy programmes are provided by the physiotherapy department

Respiratory Physiotherapist

  • Monitors the health of your lungs
  • Gives you treatments to keep your lungs clear
  • Assesses need for respiratory equipment

Prosthetist & Orthotist

  • The Prosthetist/Orthotist produces and fits all artificial limbs, plastic cosmetic appliances and other prosthetic devices.
  • Helps you learn to wear and use your prosthesis/orthosis correctly
  • Provides follow-up care post discharge in the NRH clinics or regional clinics around the country

Occupational Therapist (OT)

  • Helps you to regain skills used in daily living activities such as: dressing, eating, planning and writing.
  • Helps you order equipment you will need such as bathing equipment, mobility aids or wheelchair
  • Assesses your home, work, and/or school setting, and then suggests modifications that will make it easier for you to carry out normal daily activities

Speech and Language Therapist

  • Assesses and treats all aspects of communication impairment
  • Assesses and treats swallowing difficulties
  • Helps with difficulties in remembering, talking, reading, writing, listening, and thinking


  • Assists you and your family to come to terms with the effects of the difficulties you may experience as a result of your injury/illness
  • Helps you identify your own resources and coping mechanisms for dealing with the effects of injury/illness
  • Provides specialist neuropsychological assessment if you have sustained a brain injury


  • Helps you manage your dietary needs
  • Promotes healthy eating habits and provides education on how to stay healthy.

Pastoral Care

  • Provides support and counselling on request
  • Addresses your spiritual needs
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