What Will Happen During My Rehabilitation?

Initial Team Assessment

  • Your interdisciplinary team assessment begins on the day you are admitted to the hospital.
  • Team members will review your assessment results with you and help you to identify realistic goals for your rehabilitation programme.
  • Based on this assessment and your goals, focus areas are identified so treatment can begin immediately.

Treatment Planning Conference

  • Your team will develop an individualised Treatment Plan containing your goals.
  • An estimate of the time needed to complete your treatment plan is made – this is your estimated discharge date.
  • Any specific needs relating to your discharge will be identified.
  • The outcome of this conference will be discussed with you to make sure you agree with the planned goals.

Team Conferences

Treatment team conference.

Treatment team conference.

  • Your Treatment Plan is reviewed and updated to monitor progress towards achieving your goals.
  • Your treatment team will keep you and your family updated on progress and changes in goals.

Family Conferences

  • Every patient is offered the opportunity to invite their family to meet with select team members to discuss progress, goals and the discharge plan.
  • This provides an opportunity for you and your family to receive feedback and to have any concerns or questions addressed by the team.

Treatment Day

  • Your therapy day may start as early as 8.00 am and continue until early evening, from Monday to Friday.
  • Weekends allow time for you to practice your skills with the support of family and nursing staff.

Patient / Family Education Programme

  • Education sessions are provided to teach you and your family essential information about your care.
  • Education may be given individually or in a group.
  • Your team will tell you of the education sessions available.
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