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Visitor Information – updated October 2022
Monday to Friday: (including Bank Holidays) Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays:
COVID-19 visiting restrictions apply  COVID-19 visiting restrictions apply
Before visiting the NRH, please carefully read the Visitor Information Booklet below

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The NRH has implemented robust infection prevention and control procedures to help keep patients, family members and staff as safe as possible and to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

In line with Government and National Health guidance, there is no open visiting for members of the public, family and friends of patients at this time. 

In the interest of the health and safety of our patients and staff, there are restricted visiting arrangements in place in the following three groupings:-

1. General Visits:
Patients can visit between 5.45pm and 7.45pm Monday to Sunday.  And between 2.00pm and 4.00pm on weekends and bank holidays.  Booking is not required for these visiting slots.

Important information: Please note that one visit per time slot is allotted per patient.  If a patient already has a visitor (or visitors, in the case of family or close relatives), our policy states that it will not be possible to permit other visitors during the same time slot if they arrive at the hospital.

We ask that patients and families coordinate their visits as much as possible to avoid disappointment if access to see a patient cannot be permitted due to a visit already taking place.

2. Exceptional Visits:
Where there is a clinical reason for where the visit needs to be longer than two hours, for example, if a patient is critically ill.

3. Carer Training Sessions:
Where carer training is required to manage a patient’s discharge planning and the presence of a family member or support person is seen as essential to attend for training to facilitate the patient’s discharge.

These exceptional visits and carer training sessions must be approved by the Patient’s Consultant and Unit Team.  Exceptional Visits and Carer Training Sessions must be pre-booked through Unit staff.

Generally, children under 16 years are not permitted to visit, however in exceptional circumstances as agreed with the treating team, a visit by a child may be facilitated, as long as there is adequate adult supervision and adherence to precautions by both adult and child.

Visitor Check-in Process

Visitors will be asked to complete a COVID-19 risk assessment questionnaire.  A member of our security team will assist with the checking-in process at reception and will manage this to ensure social distancing is maintained in the reception area.

If visitors display any symptoms of COVID-19, or if they are in breach of any of the guidelines set out for patient and staff safety, the visit will be postponed.

On arrival at reception, visitors must:-

  • Use the hand sanitiser provided
  • Use the automatic temperature check
  • Use a surgical face mask for the duration of the visit; if you don’t have a surgical mask, one can be provided. Both visitors and patients must wear these masks – unless medically indicated.
  • maintain social distancing during the visit
  • We ask that everyone follows advice regarding cough-sneeze etiquette, and any instructions from hospital staff.

Each visitor will be given a badge with the time of arrival clearly marked and will then be directed to the relevant Unit.

When the visiting time is up, Unit staff will remind visitors that it is time for the visit to finish.

Visitors are asked to leave the hospital directly after the visit so that we can protect the health and safety of patients and their visitors in so far as possible.

Contact with Patients through Technology

The treating teams are also happy to support patients to maintain contact with family and friends via phone or Zoom calls if assistance is needed.

Family members and key support people can also be part of meetings with the team or other key therapy sessions, through platforms such as tele-conference calls. Please ask a member of the treating team if you would like this to be facilitated.

Thank you for your cooperation. We regret any inconvenience these measures may cause.

For more information on Coronavirus (COVID-19) please

or call the HSE helpline on 1850 241850

Contact numbers for NRH Rehabilitation Units
Rehabilitation Unit Phone Numbers Floor
Ash Unit (01) 235 5841 Floor 1
Daisy Unit (01) 235 5763 Floor -1
Fern Unit (01) 235 5990 Floor 2
Holly Unit (01) 235 5890 Floor 1
Lily Unit (01) 235 5940 Floor 2
Oak Unit (01) 235 5900 Floor 2
Poppy Unit (01) 235 5820 Ground Floor
Pine Unit (01) 235 5700 Floor -1
Rose Unit (01) 235 5870 1st Floor
Willow Unit (01) 235 5800 Ground Floor
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