National Rehabilitation Hospital

Wards at NRH

Wards (in alphabetical order) Location Telephone Number
St. Agnes’ Ward 3rd Floor (01) 235 5255
St. Bridget’s Ward 2nd Floor (01) 235 5251
St. Camillus’ Ward 3rd Floor (01) 235 5252
St. Gabriel’s Ward 3rd Floor (01) 235 5260
St. Joseph’s Ward 1st Floor (01) 235 5286
St. Margaret’s Ward 1st Floor (01) 235 5245
McAuley Ward 1st Floor (01) 235 5208
Our Lady’s Ward 1st Floor (01) 235 5250
St. Patrick’s Ward 2nd Floor (01) 235 5360

Ward routine

Each ward has a daily routine that is planned to allow the nursing and medical staff to look after you as efficiently and effectively as possible. Your team will plan your therapies to fit in with the ward routine.

It is important to be considerate of other patients and hospital staff during your stay. Please follow the hospital’s rules and regulations – these include respecting other people’s property, and keeping the noise level to a minimum (for example, by using headphones when using a personal radio or TV). The staff on your ward will explain the routine to you on your arrival.

Call Bell

A call bell is located at each bedside and there is an orange pull cord in every toilet or shower area. For your safety, use the call bell or pull cord to call the nurse or healthcare assistant if you need help.

Meals and Mealtimes

If you are mobile, you are encouraged to go to the Patients’ Canteen for meals. If you are unable to go to the Patients’ Canteen your meals will be served on the Ward.

The Patients Canteen is located on the ground floor. Opening times are:

Breakfast Lunch Supper
Monday to Friday 8.45am to 9.30am 12.30pm to 1.30pm 4.45pm to 5.30pm
Weekends All meals are served on the wards at weekends.