National Rehabilitation Hospital

Patient Support Services at NRH

Chaplaincy Service

  • The Chaplains visit patients on the wards on a regular basis and provide counselling on request.
  • They will help you if you wish to contact representatives of other faiths.
  • The office of the Chaplain is on the first floor opposite the Chapel.

Chapel Servics
Information about times of Mass; distribution of Holy Communion to the wards; Anointing of the Sick and Confessions are available by contacting the Chaplain or asking a member of your team.

Family Support Groups

  • Support and education groups for families and carers are arranged from time to time.
  • They provide an opportunity to meet other families, friends and carers; to learn new information and share experiences, and to hear how others in a similar situation have coped.

Patients Forum

A Patients’ forum, chaired by an independent person, meets regularly to discuss issues raised by patients.  All patients are encouraged to attend. Meeting dates are displayed on the Patients’ Notice Boards.

Peer Support Groups

  • Specific peer support groups are held regularly for patients from the Brain Injury Programme; Spinal Cord System of Care; Prosthetic, Orthotic & Limb Absence Rehabilitation (POLAR) Programme, and their families.
  • Former patients offer support and share their experiences and information. Individual meetings with peers can be arranged.
  • Topics discussed include coping with disability, personal assistance and care issues, returning to work or school, relationships, raising children and social activities.

Recreation Therapy Service

The Hospital’s Recreation Therapist organises events and entertainment in the evenings for patients.  Check the Patients’ Notice Boards for information, dates and times of upcoming events or entertainment. Many of the events are arranged together with the NRH Volunteers.

Volunteer Services

The NRH Volunteers visit the patients and provide services and activities such as assisting in the Patients’ Canteen, book reading, writing therapy, bridge lessons, musical evenings, mobile shop and library service and playtime for children. Other volunteers visit with their pet dogs which many of our patients enjoy and look forward to.

Representatives from St. Vincent de Paul visit the wards every Tuesday and Thursday evening. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of provincial newspapers please let them know.

Tel: (01) 235 5445 Volunteer Coordinator