Assessment of Financial Competency in Patients with Acquired Brain Injury

Nick Kidd

Financial competency is one area which can be altered due to an acquired brain injury (ABI). The aetiology of this area is not clearly delineated, however. The role of executive functioning has been found to be a key variable when considering other areas of competency and research has also hinted that emotion may have a role in competent financial decisions. The present study aimed to provide better definition of the cognitive and emotional processes within financial competency.

Specific neuropsychological and cognitive tests were administered to 30 ABI patients and 16 controls. Galvanic skin response (GSR) was also measured while participants were completing a gambling test.

When controlling for age, gender and education, multiple regression analysis showed that general cognitive impairment was significantly associated with the measure of financial competency. The present study found little involvement by executive and emotional processes.

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