Transition Year Work Experience Programme

Transition Year and 2nd Level Students Work Experience Programme at the NRH.

The NRH offers work experience to Transition and 2nd Level Students on a group (rather than individual) basis.  The NRH cannot accommodate individual dates for work experience due to the large number of requests we receive annually.   The group programme offers students a chance to experience what it is like to work in clinical and non-clinical Departments and Services of the hospital.

Due to COVID-19 the TY Programme for 2021 has been deferred. read more…

If there is a particular area of rehabilitation that you are interested in, you may contact the relevant Head of Department to request more specific information.  In some cases (providing there is no impact on services to patients) the Head of Department or a member of their Team may be available to meet with you briefly to answer any questions you may have. Queries should be sent to with the name of the relevant Department in the Subject Bar, for example: Subject: Occupational Therapy Department.



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