National Rehabilitation Hospital

Therapeutic Recreation Service

Therapeutic Recreation Service (TRS)

Therapeutic Recreation is an integral component of quality of life. The NRH Therapeutic Recreation services are provided to individuals who have physical, cognitive, social or emotional limitations which impact their ability to engage in meaningful leisure experiences.

Therapeutic Recreation uses the power of recreation and leisure activities to support the rehabilitation process and promote overall wellness. The TRS processes assist an individual to maximise independence through leisure.

Therapeutic Recreation Involves:

  • Promoting the growth and development of an individual by providing opportunities for voluntary involvement in recreational interests and activities.
  • To set up and provide recreation programmes and groups when they are needed or when appropriate community recreation opportunities are not available.
  • Adjusting some physical, emotional, or social behaviour to get the most from your Rehabilitaton Programme.

Some Benefits of Therapeutic Recreation include: 

  • Cognitive:
    • enhanced memory, concentration and perception. Increased decision making and organisational skills.
  • Physical:
    • increased strength, coordination, balance, dexterity and cardiovascular fitness.
  • Psychosocial:
    • reduced levels of depression and social isolation. Improved confidence, morale and body image.

Some examples of activities include:

  • Monthly Cinema Night
  • Various themed Music Weeks
  • Art Therapy
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Choir nights
  • Photography Class and Competition
  • Relaxation Group

This service is co-ordinated and facilitated by the Therapeutic Recreation Specialist.