National Rehabilitation Hospital

Education Provided by NRH Staff

Education delivered by NRH Staff members includes, but is not limited to:

Infection Control

  • Standard Precautions
  • Hand Hygiene
  • Intra-venous Study days.

Nursing Education

  • Undergraduate and Post-graduate Student Placements.
  • The Further Education and Training Awards Council (FETAC) Course
  • Post Graduate Student Placements
  • Course in General Rehabilitation Nursing (4-day)
  • Management of the Neurogenic Bowel Training for NRH Staff including RGNs and Health Care Assistants.  This course is also offered to community based services due to a large demand for education in this area of specialty.
  • Male Catheterisation Training
  • IV Study Day – Administration of Intravenous Medication for Nurses
  • Foundation Course for Health Care Assistants (3 day)

Educational Lectures

Ongoing educational sessions are provided by Nursing Education throughout the year on the following topics:

  • Insulin and insulin devices
  • Wound Management
  • Update on Epilepsy
  • New Incontinence devices
  • Coagulation/Anticoagulation
  • Reading MRI/CT Scans


Nursing Education assists with competency assessments to ensure compliance with the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) Standards. An E-Learning Medication competency has been added to the RGN competencies.


Education & Training Provided by NRH Staff Medical

Medical Social Work

Professional training placements/lectures delivered by Medical Social Work:

  • Masters Programme, UCD
  • Medical Students (2nd year Disability Module), UCD
  • FETAC Rehabilitation Module
  • Social Work Programme, TCD
  • Acquired Brain Injury Ireland Carer Training Project (national)
  • BRI/Spinal Injuries Ireland Carer Events (national)
  • Children First Training
  • Neurobehavioural Lecture on Grief and Loss,
  • Presentation to NAI conference
  • Presentation to Social Work in Disability Conference,
  • Presentation to IARM Conference on ABI in Adolescence
  • Volunteer Training Programme, NRH

Speech & Language Therapy

  • Joan Monahan and Niamh O’Donovan co-presented a talk at the SLT East Coast Study Day on  A day in the life at the National Rehabilitation Hospital.
  • Julianna Little & Aneesa Ally presented on the Management of Dysphasia and Dysphagia in the Rehabilitation Setting to 3rd year medical students at UCD.
  • Aneesa Ally & Aisling Heffernan co-presented a talk to the Irish Association of Speech and Language Therapists (IASLT) Conference on The Protocol for the Development of a FEES Service in a Rehabilitation Setting.
  • Anne Lee & Marie Cox co-presented a poster to the Irish Association of Speech and Language Therapists (IASLT) Conference on A Social Communication Group in a Rehabilitation Setting.
  • Aoife Henn presented a poster to the Irish Association of Speech and Language Therapists (IASLT) Conference on Clinical Education.


  • Behaviour Clinics on a weekly basis for staff on St Brigid’s and St Patrick’s ward for patients whose behaviour is interfering with their ability to participate in their rehabilitation programme.  This service is arranged for all Programmes as required.
  • Strategies for Crisis Intervention and Prevention (SCIP)
  • Stroke Awareness for Carers programme
  • Case Coordinator training.

Presentation of papers at National and International Conferences in 2009 included:

  • Coping with Disability – Irish Rehabilitation Nursing Annual Conference
  • Causes and outcomes of childhood ABI in Ireland’ – BRI National Carer’s Day
  • The teenage brain; a work in progress’ – NRH/BRI inaugural Brain Injury Awareness Day for transition year secondary school students.
  • The Patient Experience of Rehabilitation – European Spinal Psychologists Association, Lucerne.
  • Evaluating and Improving Awareness of Deficits following ABI – the International Neuropsychological Society, Helsinki.

Nutrition & Dietetics

  • Talktime ‘New Year, New You’
  • SVUH Journal Club ‘Modified Consistency Diets’, ‘Nutrition in Spinal Cord Injury’, ‘Use of a low calorie meal replacement in Weight Management in SCI’, ‘Practical Solutions in the Management of Obesity’
  • ‘Nutrition in Disability’ lecture to nursing staff twice yearly
  • Awareness for Carers training programme ‘Eat Well, Keep Well’
  • ‘Nutritional Assessment & Estimation of Requirements in Adults with Acquired Disability’ INDI Disability Interest Group Inaugural Study Day Main Lecture
  • NCHD Teaching Programme ‘Nutritional Assessment and Management in the NRH patient population’ twice yearly
  • ‘Eat Well, Keep Well after a Spinal Cord Injury’

Occupational Health

  • Stress Management Course.
  • Smoking Cessation Facilitation.

Occupational Therapy


  • Presentation on medication errors was delivered to medical staff in conjunction with Risk Management
  • Drug Administration was presented as part of the IV Study Day for nurses.


  • Bobath Introductory Modules to NRH and external staff by Catherine Cornall.
  • Undergraduate lectures to students in U.C.D. and T.C.D. on Rehabilitation in Brain Injury and Spinal Cord Injury by Clinical Practice Tutor, Darren Benton.
  • 48 Irish and International student placements under direction of Darren Benton.
  • Two study days on Prosthetic Rehabilitation in Cork and Dublin given by Emilie Fritte and POLAR team.
  • Presentation of Pilot Study on Exercise Classes for adults post stroke to IARM/BSRM by Vicky Walker.
  • Lokomat/Erigo presentation to professional delegation from Coventry and centres in Ireland.
  • Workshop on Rehabilitation of Complex Acquired Brain Injury to chartered physiotherapists in neurology and gerontology given by Lesley Corcoran.
  • Catherine Cornall co-authored a chapter in the Bobath Concept, Theory, and Practice in Neurological Rehabilitation.
  • Study day on Robotics in Rehabilitation funded by Hocoma and delivered by International speakers. The practical services were delivered by NRH physiotherapists.


Radiology tutorials were given by Dr. McGlone to NCHDs as part of the clinical interdisciplinary teaching programme.

Risk Management

Ongoing training provided to NRH Staff on clinical and non-clinical Health & Safety, and Environmental Health & Safety

Dental Service

  • Provision of facilities at NRH Dental Service to enable a dental student complete his Post Graduate training.
  • Undergraduate dental students facilitated through observation of the Dental Service at NRH as part of their training.

Training / Education undertaken by all Staff at NRH

SCIP (Strategies in Crisis Intervention and Prevention) Training

BLS (Basic Life Support) for Nursing, Physio and OT staff only, ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) for Medical Staff, PALS (Paediatric Advance Life Support),

CPR (Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation) including Heartsaver AED (Advisory External Defibrillator) for Admin, Catering and Therapy staff.

Manual Handling

Fire Training:

  • Fire Drill
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Fire Evacuation Equipment
  • Fire Marshall

Hand Hygiene

Departmental and discipline specific Mandatory Training also includes

HACCP (Catering Department), Radiation Protection (NCHD’s & Videofluoroscopy SLT), Sharps Safety, Haemovigilance (Nursing Staff), Fork Lift Training (Stores), Medical Gases Training (Technical Services, Nursing Support and Health /& Safety).