Patient Information – planning for power outages at home

December 2, 2022

Our Energy Supply: Information for people with disabilities

Ireland still relies heavily on gas and oil powered generators which will eventually shut down when we have progressed in the installation of renewable energy such as wind and solar power. This, coupled with world events has caused fuel prices to increase significantly and has placed uncertainty around energy supply.

Many people with disabilities are dependent on electric and battery powered equipment, assistive technology, and medical devices. Maintenance of a power supply for this group can be critical.

The NRH Accessibility Committee has produced this booklet to help you plan for these situations.

There is also an Emergency Power Planning Checklist which includes checklists for planning essentials, life support devices, oxygen use, the use of generators, rechargeable batteries, mattresses, stair lifts, and through floor lifts.

This booklet aims to provide some useful information, energy tips, and links to online sites  that we hope you will find helpful during the winter months if power outages occur.

Power Outages Guidance Leaflet

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