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NRH and National Quality Improvement Programme for Pressure Ulcer Prevention

November 6, 2015

The NRH is participating as part of a National Collaborative1 for Pressure Ulcer Prevention – ‘Pressure Ulcers to Zero’.  This collaborative is supported by the HSE Quality Improvement Division and the Royal College of Physicians Ireland (RCPI), through the National Quality Improvement Programme.2

The primary aim of the ‘Pressure Ulcers to Zero’ Collaborative is to reduce the incidence of avoidable pressure ulcers nationally and to increase the capacity and capability of front-line clinical teams to improve the care they deliver. The first pressure ulcer prevention collaborative was undertaken in the Dublin North East region in February 2014. The results were that twenty one teams showed a 73% reduction in pressure ulcers overall in the region (versus a target of 50% reduction). Based on this success, the National Quality Improvement Programme agreed to develop a National Collaborative on reducing avoidable pressure ulcers in the other regions throughout the country.

The National ‘Pressure Ulcers to Zero’ Collaborative initiative within the NRH officially began on 1st November, with St. Joseph’s as the pilot ward.  We wish our colleagues every success with this vitally important project.

1 Healthcare collaboratives involve teams and individuals from various health disciplines and from different settings, such as hospitals, residential settings and primary care teams, working together in partnership to achieve improvements and to reach an agreed goal of high quality, safe, standardised care to patients in an efficient and effective manner. The teams participating in the Pressure Ulcers to Zero collaborative are part of an active learning community, learning from each other and from recognised experts.

2 The HSE/RCPI National Quality Improvement Programme aims to improve healthcare in Ireland by giving participants the understanding and tools they need to carry out improvement projects.

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