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Patients and Staff celebrate moving to the New NRH

June 25, 2020

The Board of the National Rehabilitation Hospital are delighted to announce that all patients have now moved into Phase One of our long-awaited new rehabilitation hospital. This new development will enable staff to deliver optimal quality care and treatment in a facility which affords dignity, respect and privacy to all. It will be a major enhancement to rehabilitation services in the country and will have a direct and significant impact on patient recovery. These new facilities will make a real difference to the lives of the children and adults who pass through the doors of the NRH.

Phase one of the three-phase major Capital Development is a partnership between the HSE and the NRH. The development is purpose built with 120 single ensuite rooms, integrated therapy services, hydrotherapy pool and sports facilities, all of which are specifically designed to accommodate the needs of those requiring complex specialist rehabilitation services.  The design is patient-centred and based on the principles of empowerment, dignity, privacy, confidentiality and choice.  The new hospital complies with best international practice and infection prevention and control guidelines – a vital requirement in minimising the potential for transmission of COVID-19, and to facilitate more effective management of Health Care Acquired Infections (HCAIs).

NRH Chairman, Mr Kieran Fleck congratulated and welcomed the first patients to move into the new hospital this week. Mr Fleck commented on the fact that redevelopment of the NRH has been long outstanding having been stalled by economic downturns in both 1980 and 2008. He stated “It is a momentous occasion for the hospital, preceded by over 20 years of very hard work by our Board, Management and Staff.

“We are very proud of the level of Patient and Staff engagement in the redevelopment of the NRH. Patients, their families, carers and voluntary agencies have had an integral role to play in the hospital’s development and the design process.  Key staff members were actively involved with the design team in every aspect of design.  We now look forward to welcoming patients to this new state-of-the-art purpose built and designed hospital where the needs of our patients can be met in a world-class rehabilitation facility”.

Professor Mark Delargy, NRH Clinical Director said “After so many years waiting for investment in rehabilitation, the new hospital far exceeds expectations. Each patient now has an en-suite single room designed for their comfort and rehabilitation needs.  For years we had to fit our patient services into a suboptimal environment.

Our old, overcrowded, and cramped Nightingale wards hold many memories for our patients, and these we will keep, but we have gladly left those wards behind.”

Professor Delargy also stated “This facility sets a new standard for accessibility and rehabilitation functionality for patients with significant disability. The provision of integrated therapy sessions delivered by Interdisciplinary Teams in the new ward-based therapy facilities will be a huge benefit to patients.  Staff are enjoying seeing their patients explore the new facilities and take in the unparalleled views over the Dublin Mountains. Each of our treatment units set new standards for bespoke adult and Paediatric rehabilitation.”

This development will also impact positively on staff who will benefit from delivering services in a new and innovative environment designed specifically around patients’ needs.  A major recruitment campaign for nursing staff, health and social care professionals, and medical staff is currently underway, with a very positive response to date from Irish and overseas Healthcare Professionals.

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