Nutrition and Dietetics

At the NRH, the Dietitian assesses patients’ nutrition on an individual basis, and provides diet plans as required.  In addition, patients’ dietary needs are managed as part of their rehabilitation programme.

Promotion of healthy eating habits and education sessions on the role of a healthy diet in staying healthy are developed and delivered by the Dietitians at NRH.

Currently the NRH is not resourced to provide an Outpatient Nutrition and Dietetic Service.  If further support is required following a patient’s discharge, please ask the GP to make a referral to the local Community Nutrition and Dietetic Services.

Weight Management

Being overweight or obese is an important health concern that needs to be addressed in a sensitive way.  For more information on how to raise the issue of weight gain in adults, click on this link: INDI Raising the Issue of Weight with Adults

The HSE-ICGP Multidisciplinary Working Group have produced the following Weight Management Treatment Algorithm for Adults – click on this link:  Weight Management Treatment Algorithm – HSE-ICGP

Additional resources for Healthcare Professionals may also be found on the ICGP Website – click on this link: ICGP Weight Management Treatment for Adults

Oral Nutritional Supplement

An INDI guide to the use of Oral Nutritional Supplements in the treatment of unwanted weight loss is available – click on this link:  Simple Guide to Oral Nutrutional Supplements

Patient Information

Visit our Patient’s section which includes links to a range of useful information, fact sheets and web pages about healthy eating, diet and weight management – click on this link: Patients’ Nutrition and Dietary information.


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