National Rehabilitation Hospital

The Vocational Service at the NRH

The Vocational Service at the NRH

What is the Vocational Service?

The Vocational Service at the NRH works with each person to explore realistic work, training or education options after their injury.

Assessment is carried out as a logical progression in the rehabilitative process to address the personal goal of return to work.

The aims of the Vocational Service are:

  • To work with the person to gain insight into their strengths and weaknesses
  • To assess work or training related aptitudes
  • To explore the demands of the job with a view to return to work
  • To provide recommendations in relation to┬áreturn to work, including ergonomic advice
  • To explore alternative work, occupation, education or training options
  • To liaise with and to assist employers with information, recommendations and support where appropriate
  • To link with appropriate community services
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