National Rehabilitation Hospital

Severe Weather Update

Saturday 3rd March 2018

Due to downgrading of the ‘Status Red’ weather warning, all NRH services including Outpatient Appointments, Day Services, Inpatient Programmes and the Rehabilitative Training unit will operate as normal from Monday 5th March.

In exceptional circumstances whereby patients find it necessary to reschedule their appointment, please contact the relevant Ward, Outpatient Department or service directly; contact details are outlined below;

  • Outpatient Department: 01 235 5550
  • Outpatient Prosthetics Clinic: 01 235 5438
  • Day Programme: Prosthetic, Orthotic, Limb Absence Programme: 01 235 5263
  • Rehabilitative Training Unit: 01 235 5364
  • Urology Clinic: 01 235 5140
  • Inpatient Programmes: NRH Wards – contact numbers
  • Other enquiries, please contact NRH main number: 01 235 5000

Met Éireann update on Saturday 3rd March

  • Met Éireann advised today, Saturday 3rd March, that conditions will remain very difficult and the public are advised to continue to exercise high levels of caution for their own safety in the accumulated snow and icy conditions.
  • There are variations in storm impact across the country and people who need to undertake essential journeys need to take account of circumstances locally before deciding to undertake those journeys.
  • Met Éireann forecast for Monday 5th March: Some dry, bright spells, but cloudy, misty periods also, with some scattered showers. Top temperatures 5 to 8 C. Later in the day, a spell of rain will move up from the southeast, to mainly affect parts of Leinster. Some rain for a time overnight, but dry, cold and clear later. Lowest temperatures -2 to plus 2 C., with frost and icy patches in many places.

Link to the National Emergency Coordination Group

Friday 2nd March 2018

The Status Red weather warning extends until 6.00pm today. The National Emergency Co-ordination Group have advised that everyone should stay indoors  until the Status Red alert changes.

During this event, the hospital is continuing to provide essential services and safe, appropriate patient care whilst ensuring that personal safety is of the utmost priority for everyone.

At this time, it is expected that normal hospital services including Outpatient Clinics and Day Patient Services will operate from Monday 5th March.  Should this situation change, hospital staff will contact those patients with appointments directly to reschedule.

Further updates on this changing situation will be issued accordingly.

27th February 2018

Due to the severe weather alert issued by Met Eireann for the east of the country, the hospital’s Emergency Preparedness Group have met to assess the situation and put the necessary plans in place for the coming week.

During this event, the hospital must continue to provide essential services and safe, appropriate patient care whilst ensuring that personal safety is of the utmost priority for everyone.

  • Due to the ‘Status Orange’ weather warning, all Outpatient Appointments are being cancelled for Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd March.
    • Contact details for the Outpatient Department: 01 235 5550
    • Contact details for the Outpatient Prosthetic Clinic: 01 235 5438
  • The Rehabilitative Training Unit will be closed up to and including Friday 2nd March
  • The Paediatric Service will be closed up to and including Friday 2nd March

Patient admissions scheduled to take place during the Status Orange Alert have been deferred for a number of days and patients due to travel home for weekend leave will be offered the option to go home early to ensure they are not caught in hazardous conditions travelling to or from the hospital.

Staff have been asked to make all reasonable efforts to come to work as the hospital will be providing normal services for our patients who choose to stay, or for whom discharge is not an appropriate option. Staff may be redeployed to other services if necessary and as appropriate during this event.

Further updates on this changing situation may issue throughout the week.

Are Visiting Hours affected? We have suspended visiting for the duration of the Status Orange Weather Warning to maximise safety of patients, staff and the general public.  If you would like to request information about a family member or friend who has been admitted to the NRH, please contact the relevant ward for more information.  The numbers are as follows:-

NRH Wards – contact numbers