National Rehabilitation Hospital

‘Protected Mealtimes’ Introduced at the NRH

‘Protected Mealtimes’ at the NRH 

The NRH has introduced ‘Protected Mealtimes’ across all wards in the hospital.  We  recognise that it is important for patients to have time, without being interrupted, to eat and enjoy meals safely.

Visitors are being asked to avoid coming to see patients during mealtimes, unless they are helping a patient with their meal.

During mealtimes, staff are being asked to avoid entering the ward, unless there are clinical reasons, for example:

  • Medical Staff, Nursing Staff and Health Care Assistants
  • The Dietician (if there is a need to make clinical observations)
  • The Speech and Language Therapist (if swallowing assessments need to be carried out)
  • The Occupational Therapist (if feeding assessments need to be carried out)

During mealtimes, doors to the wards will be closed and signage will be placed outside the door to advise visitors of our ‘Protected Mealtimes’.

Visitors are asked to support and respect our ‘Protected Mealtimes’ for the benefit of patients.

If you have any questions, please ask the Nurse in Charge.Catering Changes Poster - FINAL