National Rehabilitation Hospital

How Do I Get Referred?

Consider your options for referral to the NRH

Consider your options for referral to The NRH

Your specialist at the referring hospital or your GP will make the referral to the relevant Rehabilitation Programme at the National Rehabilitation Hospital.  Following an assessment, if it is considered that the rehabilitation services we deliver at the NRH are appropriate to the clinical needs of the referred patient, admission is planned.

Usually patients will have spent some time on the waiting list before their admission.  Patients are admitted when a bed in the appropriate Programme becomes available and the patient is medically fit to participate in the Rehabilitation Programme.

For full details about the medical referral process, please select this link: Referring a Patient to the NRH.

The National Rehabilitation Hospital is a fully publicly funded voluntary hospital and operates on the ethos of providing high quality care and treatment to patients irrespective of background or status, but on the basis of clinical need.