National Rehabilitation Hospital

Hurricane Ophelia Red Alert – NRH Update

The NRH plans to scale up services to provide all Inpatient and Day-Patient programmes, as well as Outpatient Clinics for tomorrow, Tuesday 17th October, 2017.  However, patients do need to be mindful of their safety while travelling to the NRH.  Patients who are unable to attend a scheduled Clinic due to weather conditions should contact the Outpatient Department in the morning and ask for the appointment to be re-scheduled.

Outpatient Department Main Telephone Number  – Tel: 01 235 5550

The hospital’s emergency response team are pleased to report that patient and staff safety was maintained to the optimum and no adverse incidents occurred in the hospital or its grounds during the Ophelia Red Alert event.  We thank all patients for their cooperation and staff members for their support during this time.

Hurrican OpheliaIn light of the general HSE advice that patients and public should not travel today for hospital clinical appointments, the NRH has cancelled Outpatient Clinics for Monday 16th October.

Owing to the public safety alerts the hospital is striving to minimise movement of our patients and we must also consider if there are opportunities to minimise movement of some of our staff, whilst ensuring safe patient care and essential services.  

Patients that were due to return to the Hospital following weekend leave have been advised not to travel back until after the Red Weather Event.

Should staff come in to work? Each Department Head must consider this for their area of responsibility as it arises and liaise directly with their staff members as advised. The circumstances wIll be different for each area and Department Heads will be mindful of options such as allowing staff members to take leave or work from home, particularly if they are traveling a long distance to and from the hospital.

Hurricane Ophelia is expected to last from 9.00 am on Monday 16th until 3.00 pm on Tuesday 17th. During this event the NRH will continue to provide essential services and safe, appropriate patient care whilst ensuring that personal safety is of the utmost priority for everyone.

Further updates on this changing situation may issue throughout the day.

Are Visiting Hours affected? We have suspended visiting for the duration of the Red Alert Weather Warning to maximise safety of patients, staff and the general public.  If you would like to request information about a family member or friend who has been admitted to the NRH, please contact the relevant ward for more information.  The numbers are as follows:-

NRH Wards – contact numbers

HSE cancellation statement following Hurricane Ophelia Red Alert warning

Due to the upgrading of the “Red” weather warning by Met Éireann to the whole country as a result of Hurricane Ophelia, the HSE has issued patients the following information.

Outpatients: all hospital outpatient appointments are being cancelled tomorrow Monday 16th October.  Consequently, patients do not need to attend or contact the hospital and they will be rescheduled as soon as possible.

Scheduled/planned procedures: Patients who are scheduled to have a planned procedure can contact the hospital in the morning to confirm if their procedure is going ahead. In order to minimise unnecessary travel risks for patients, only urgent procedures will take place tomorrow.

Due to the weather warning only essential community services will operate tomorrow.

If you are scheduled for a community service tomorrow please make contact with your service in the morning to see if it is proceeding.

For all other non HSE day and community care services, please contact the provider of those services directly.

Our emergency departments and National Ambulance Service will operate as normally. Priority will be given to the most urgent cases.

The HSE Crisis Management Team has been activated and each local area is working as part of the Area Crisis Management Team in conjunction with the Gardai and other services.