National Rehabilitation Hospital

Volunteering at The NRH

volunteers neededThere are over 100 volunteers associated with the National Rehabilitation Hospital.  The Volunteer Co-ordinator liaises with current volunteers and recruits new volunteers, matching them with the various volunteer activities (listed below) within the hospital, and providing ongoing supervision and support.

Contact Volunteering at NRH :  01 235 5445  or email :

Volunteer Induction and Training

Comprehensive Induction and Training is provided for new and existing volunteers. This provides essential orientation and training for all NRH Volunteers and is organised by the Volunteer Co-ordinator.

Maintaining the filing system for Garda Vetting certificates, References, and Declarations of Confidentiality is the responsibility of the Volunteer Co-ordinator also.

 Volunteering at NRH includes, but is not limited to:-

Computer and Internet Assistance
Volunteers give friendly assistance and instruction to patients who want to send emails, learn to use a PC, play video games or browse the internet.

Writing Therapy
A volunteer teaches creative writing and helps patients to explore the healing power of their own words.  It is a writing workshop with a difference where participants do not require any writing skills, talent or experience.

Irish Therapy Dogs
Irish Therapy Dogs arranges for volunteers to bring their dogs to visit patients and residents in long-stay hospitals, nursing homes and other centres.  A group of dedicated volunteers have been visiting the NRH for many years with their pet dogs.  The dogs act as a conduit for communication and can have an effect of well-being, especially for long term patients.

Pastoral Care
Coordinated by the hospital Chaplains, a multi-denominational team of volunteers who are interested in the spiritual well-being of the patients help out at Mass, memorial services, carol singing, Eucharistic service, visiting with patients and other pastoral activities.

Mobile Shop
Volunteers continue to operate the mobile shop every evening and Saturday mornings. It is a vehicle for showing a friendly face and socialising with the patients.

Canteen Volunteers
Every day volunteers help out in the Patients’ canteen assisting patients to carry their trays and help cut up their food if necessary.  They offer assistance to the busy kitchen staff and can chat and get to know the patients.

St Vincent de Paul Volunteers
St Vincent de Paul volunteers visit patients every Tuesday and Thursday evening and offer a friendly and confidential atmosphere to discuss their problems of a social or spiritual nature.  They offer many outlets of support be it financial advice or social assistance, bringing in regional newspapers for patients from counties outside Dublin.

Children in Hospital Ireland
Volunteers from Children In Hospital Ireland (CHI) visit the children in NRH.  They can help to make a hospital stay less traumatic, bring fun into the ward, provide familiar play activities and games.  Special training for volunteers in this group is provided by CHI.

Other Volunteer Activities
Other activities organised during the year included Bridge lessons, Dominos, Karaoke, Reading to patients, Chess Lessons, card and board games and others.

A free voluntary hairdressing and barber service for patients is provided each Thursday evening.

From time to time the Volunteer Office is requested to provide volunteers to offer their time and expertise in various departments within NRH.