National Rehabilitation Hospital

Technical Services

The Technical Services team at NRH sustain a continuous programme of maintenance, preventative maintenance and upgrading works covering the whole hospital site. This includes fire protection and upgrading works, maintenance or replacement of plant equipment, project management of all refurbishment or extension works on the site and liaison with external contractors, architectural and professional services.

Energy Saving

The NRH Energy Saving Project is well under way. Low Energy bulbs and light motion sensors are being installed and timers have been fitted on many electric appliances. The Technical Services team are involved in the promotion of the Energy Awareness Campaign to all staff.

Capital Projects

With the ever increasing age of the hospital, funding is required on a consistent basis for minor capital projects to ensure the hospital is in compliance with hygiene and health and safety standards. Planning for major capital projects for patient and staff benefit are addressed in accordance to priority and funding.

Contact Number for Technical Services: 01 235 5282