National Rehabilitation Hospital

Risk Management

Risk is inherent in everything that any hospital does, treating patients, determining service priorities, managing a project, purchasing new equipment, taking decisions on future strategies or even deciding not to take any action at all.

The effective management of risks at all levels will therefore be a critical factor in the success of the NRH. The advent of clinical governance and healthcare standards has been a powerful influence for the introduction of systematic processes and systems to monitor care and provide assurance as to the quality of care in patients we see. Risk Management is one of those key processes. In addition to Patient Safety issues, listed below are just some of the key areas Risk Management are responsible for:

Incident Reporting

The incident reporting culture within NRH is very positive. Incidents/near misses are reported to the Risk Management Department and recorded onto the “STARSWEB” incident reporting system. This allows us to implement systems and structures to address high risk areas as a priority and continually monitor risk factors within the organisation.

Environmental Health & Safety

Infection Control/Hygiene Services
The Hygiene Services Committee and Team are the driving forces behind improvements in hygiene services within NRH. Together both groups devise action plans, and make, implement and evaluate recommendations for improvement. Hygiene/infection prevention & control continues to be one of the most important performance indicators for the hospital and is closely monitored by the Board of Management and Hospital Executive.

Fire Safety

Considerable work has been carried out on fire upgrading works in the hospital. The drive for increased attendance at mandatory fire safety training continues and a quality improvement plan was developed to help improve attendance.

Access To Records

The following is an overview of access to records requests received by the NRH:

  • Type of Request
  • Freedom of Information
  • Freedom of Information Note for File
  • Data Protection Access
  • Freedom of Information & Data Protection Access
  • Routine/Administrative Access


The Quality Improvement Committee continues to monitor outcomes data and quality improvement initiatives in line with the programmatic and business practices structure of the hospital.

Contact Number for the Risk Management Department : 01 235 5380