National Rehabilitation Hospital

Patient Advocacy & Liaison Support Service

The Patient Advocacy & Liaison Service (PALS) at NRH is based on the guidelines of the Citizens Information Board (CIB), formerly Comhairle, a statutory body which has drafted guidelines for the development of an Advocacy service.   It sees the role of the advocate as assisting, supporting and representing the person with a disability to apply for and obtain a social service or to pursue a review or appeal.

“Any service provided by a statutory or voluntary body which is available to the public and includes but is not limited to, services in relation to health.”

The Comhairle Amendment Bill, 2004, Page 3

The PALS Service

PALS provides a friendly, confidential, impartial service for patients, their families/carers and staff of the National Rehabilitation Hospital.

The hospital advocate will:

  • Aim to meet with at least 80% of patients within two weeks of their admission
  • Listen to comments or concerns that patients and/or families may have and address these where possible
  • Resolve issues/verbal complaints, at local level and in a timely non-confrontational manner.
  • Advise patients of our formal complaints system and offer them support / assistance through this process if required
  • Liaise/mediate between staff and patient should any difficulties arise
  • Gather verbal complaint statistics for the HSE quarterly reports
  • Issue quarterly reports to the NRH Executive Committee
  • Be a voice for the patient, for example, represent the patients’ interests on committees, for example:-
    • The Patients’ Forum
    • Rights of the Persons Served Committee
    • Communications Committee

During their stay in the National Rehabilitation Hospital, patients and their family/carers are encouraged to avail of the service in order to help resolve any issues or concerns they may have as quickly as possible, in order that the patient may work with their rehabilitation team in a positive way.

The Principles of PALS

  • Empowerment of the patient where possible
  • Respect for the patient’s wishes
  • Acting in the patient’s best interest
  • Maintaining confidentiality
  • Acting with diligence and competence

Contact Number for the Patient Advocacy & Liaison Service :  01 235 5451