National Rehabilitation Hospital

Disabled Drivers Board of Appeal

The Disabled Drivers Medical Board of Appeal (DDMBA) is an independent body set up by the Department of Finance in 1990 to review individuals whose application for the Primary Medical Certificate is unsuccessful at local HSE level.

The Appeals Board operates independently of the assessment process carried out by local HSE Principal and Senior (Area) Medical Officers. The legal basis for its operation is the Disabled Drivers and Passengers’ Tax Concession Bill, most recently amended in 2004. Board members are appointed by the Minister of Finance from a body of interested registered medical practitioners, on the recommendation of the Minister of Health.

Service Configuration and Staffing

The Medical Board of Appeal is chaired by Dr Jacinta Morgan, Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine (a joint appointment with the Acquired Brain Injury Service at the NRH).

Currently there are 5 board members, all experienced medical practitioners drawn from a variety of clinical backgrounds. The adjudicating panel at all clinics held at the NRH consists of the Chair (or her deputy), and 2 ordinary board members.

Contact Number for the Disabled Drivers Medical Board of Appeal:  01 235 5279