National Rehabilitation Hospital

Chairman’s Message

Kieran Fleck, Chairman

Kieran Fleck, Chairman

I am delighted to welcome you to the website of the National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH). 

The website aims to deliver a helpful guide describing the establishment of this first national service by the Sisters of Mercy and explaining the wide range of treatment now being provided, including ongoing research to help develop future specialist rehabilitation services. It also provides information about the plans for the development of the New Hospital on the NRH Campus.

As a patient centred service, the NRH website offers an insight into the day to day operation of the Hospital, explaining its facilities and how, and by whom, our services are provided.

By clicking on the links you will find out how the hospital is governed and organised.  You may also explore the many ways you can assist, financially or otherwise, the important work being carried out in the NRH.

Help us to continue to improve the quality of our services and patient care by forwarding your comments and suggestions to

Thank you for visiting the NRH website.
Kieran Fleck