National Rehabilitation Hospital

Chairman’s Message

Mr. Henry Murdoch,  Chairman of NRH

Mr. Henry Murdoch, Chairman of NRH

Welcome to the website of the National Rehabilitation Hospital. It aims to provide you with the information you require, whether as a patient, a relative of a patient or indeed a visitor to the hospital.

As a patient, it tells you what you can expect at the hospital – what facilities there are and what will happen during your rehabilitation.

The website tells you about the ethos of the hospital and its origins with the Sisters of Mercy; it tells you how the hospital is governed and how it is continually striving to improve the quality of its services.

It also tells you how you could assist the hospital financially or as a volunteer. It is your website, so if you consider that certain information is missing or the information could be provided in a more user-friendly manner, please send me your suggestions at

Thank you for visiting the NRH website.
Henry Murdoch